Yes, I look like a windswept new age traveller in this image, but this photo means a lot to me. It is a very rare selfie shot via my iPhone from October 2019 and it was taken at the most northerly point of mainland Iceland.

I had previously visited the most westerly, southerly and easterly points of mainland Iceland on previous road trips. 2 hours before this was taken I was trying to fix a very inconvenient puncture at the mother of all remote garages, at this point I thought that my goal of visiting this place was doomed. 

Determination won the day!

James Machon A.R.P.S.

I am an enthusiastic Guernsey based photographer who loves to capture landscapes, travel, street and documentary images.

I have been doing photography seriously for over 12 years and I love the fact that it is a permanent learning curve. Guernsey has a dramatic coastline which I take advantage of whenever possible and  I also relish any chance to travel and experience different parts of the world.

Personally, I now prefer to be a hobby photographer and I look for stories to tell via the medium of photography. I take on projects when it fits in with my other commitments, but all the weddings and portrait shoots I leave for the younger guys.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work, I also have an instagram page if you want to follow MY images.

Cheers.........James :-)

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